dhu̯en-, dhun-

dhu̯en-, dhun-
    dhu̯en-, dhun-
    English meaning: to hum
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “dröhnen, tönen”
    Material: O.Ind. dhvánati “ sounds, soughs”, dhvaní- m. ‘sound, echo, thunder, word”, dhvaná- m. ‘sound, a certain wind”, dhvanita- n. ‘sound, tone, echo, thunder”, dhúni- “ soughing, roaring, thundering “, dhunáyati “ soughs “; O.N. dynr m. “ resonance “, O.E. dyne n. ds., Eng. din, O.H.G. tuni ds.; O.N. dynia (preterit dunda) “din, drone, rant, roister”, O.E. dynnan, O.S. dunnian M.H.G. tũnen “din, drone”; Gmc. extensions therefrom seem O.N. dynkr “din, fuss, noise, blow, knock”, M.Eng. dunchen, Eng. dunch “ strike with a short rapid blow, jog with the elbow “ and N.Ger. dunsen “din, drone, stomp”, Swe. dial. dunsa “crack, creak, hit”. Interference of new sound imitations (onomatopoeic words) comes for Gmc. words just as for Lith. dunde ́ti “violent knock, hit, din, drone” in questIon.
    References: WP. I 869.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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